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ORDER No. GG/98/151/LRV/3188/3470/H
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(Prevention of Corruption Act- 1988)

No. GG/98/151/LRV/3188/3470/H: In exercise of the power conferred by the first proviso to section 17 of the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (49 of 1988) and in super session of Government Order, Home Department No. GG/98/151/LRV/3188/3470/H dated the 10the January, 1989 the Government of Gujarat hereby authorizes for the purpose of the said provision every police officer not below the rank of an Inspector of Police attached to the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Gujarat State.


Principal Secretary to Government


No. GG/98/151/LRV/3188/3470/H

Home Department,

Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

Dt. 11-9-1998


Copied forwarded with compliments for information to:

  • The DG & IGP4 Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.

  • The IGP & Director, A.C.B. Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.

  • All AddI. DGPs.

  • All Commissioner of Police.

  • All SpI. I.G.P.

  • All D.I.G.P.

  • All District Magistrates.

  • All District Superintendents of Police

  • All Commandant SRPF Group.

  • Account General, Rajkot/Ahmedabad

  • Pay & Account Officer, Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar

  • Resident Audit Officer, Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar

  • The Legal Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

  • The Legislative And Parliamentary Affairs, Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

  • The Manager, Govt. Printing press, Gandhinagar for Publication of this notification in Govt. Gazette Part-IV-A.

  • All Branches of Home Department

  • Branch Select File

  • Asstt. Select file.


(Suresh Rawal)

Section Officer

Home Department



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