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Circular No. MIS-3284-1178-N
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Instruction regarding dowry deaths/suide deaths in suspicious circums sances of young  married women within a period of ten years to their marriage


Government of Gujarat

Home department

Circular No. MIS-3284-1178-N,

Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

Dated: 18-1-85


(1)            Govt. of India Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi’s singal No. 1036/JSM/80 dt. 22-7-1980

(2)            Govt. of India Ministry of Home Affairs New Delhi’s D.D. No. 240/3/33/83-GPA-VI, dt. 23-2-84

(3)            Home Department letter of even number dated 18-5-84 address Director general & Inspector General of Police, Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.




The Supreme Court of India in write petition (Crl.) No. 8145 of 1981 (Kamlesh & other Versus the Union of India) have recommended that the Government of India should set up a Sancial Cell for the purpose of supervision and monitoring the implementation of the Instruction issued by Government of India. Ministry of Home Affairs as referred to at (1) above and the state Govt. had instructed to Director General & Inspector General of Police, Gujarat State, Ahmedabad to issues suitable instructions to all concerned police officers as referred to at (3) above, in this regard.


Government is now pleased to issue the following instructions again in this regards as under:

(1) Serious notice should be taken by Police of all cases of attended suicide or death in suspicious circumstances of young married women during the first ten years of their marriage.

(2) Such cases should be investigated by officers not below the rank of Dy. Superintendent of Police.

(3) Where postmortem is don such postmortem should be by a team of two doctors.

(4) Disposal of dead body without post-mortem should not be permitted except to objection certificate by Police

(4) Police should not give no objection certificate unless dead body has been seen by barnts or guardian or closs relatives from the bridles slide of the family.

The concerned Police officers should follow these instructed scrupulously.


By Order and in name of the Governor of Gujarat.


(P.G. Gupta)

Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of Gujarat,

Home Department


  • The Director General & Inspector General of Police Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.

  • The Director General & Inspector General of Police(Traning and Computer Cerire) Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.

  • The Special Inspector General of Police & Director Anti-corruption Bureau, Ahmedabad.

  • The Special Inspector General of Police CID, (C & R) Gujarat State, Ahmedabad fro necessary action

  • The special Inspector General of Police, Armed Units/Gujarat State, Ahmedabad)

  • The Commissioner of Police Ahmedabad city

  • Rajkot city/Vadodara city/Surat city

  • The Principal, Police Training College Junagadh

  • All Deputy Inspector General of Police

  • All District Superintendent of Police The Principal4 Police training School, Vadodara

  • The Principal Secretary, Health and Family Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar for necessary action.

  • The Secretary Panchayat & Rural Housing dept. Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

  • The Secretary, Urban development & Urban Housing Department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

  • The secretary, Information Broadcast ion & Tourism department, Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar

  • The Director of Information, Sachivalaya Gandhinagar

  • All Branches in Home Department

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